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715 East High Street
Boonville, Missouri
Artist: Bob West
Located on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, the original (eastern) side of the house was built circa 1840 facing the river, then the center of commerce and trade. In 1855, Morris Wertheimer, a merchant in Boonville, prospered and in 1866, built the larger, more elaborate "addition." This side was built facing High Street and was one of few high-style Victorian homes built in Boonville immediately following the Civil War to emulate homes in fashionable St. Louis. Of Italianate design, this side features 12 foot ceilings with 10 foot windows, elaborate plaster mouldings and interior shutters.

At the turn of the centry, connecting doorways between the two sides were bricked shut and it became two separate residences. In 1985, restoration began to re-connect the two homes for the original intent as a single family dwelling.

Old Cooper County Jail, Sheriff's Residence and Hanging Barn

OldCCJail.jpg (116111 bytes)
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Jail built 1848, Sheriff's residence 1871. Stone quarried on river bank and jail constructed by slaves. The barn was the site of one of the last public hangings in Missouri in 1930. Owned by The Friends of Historic Boonville. Open for tours M-F, 9 to 5. During June, July and August open Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 2 to 4. Location of Friends' Archival Collection
Forest Hill
Boonville, Missouri
Artist: Bob West
The only building known to be the subject of a painting by Missouri's foremost 19th century artist, George Caleb Bingham. Now restored, this large 2 1/2 story brick residence was built by native Virginian Thomas W. Nelson in 1842. The facade is dominated by a Greek Revival portico with massive 26-foot columns constructed of curved brick fired in local kilns. The delicate wrought iron balcony and much of the handsome interior woodwork were brought to the site by riverboat.
Williams/Kemper House
701 East High Street
Boonville, Missouri
CrosKemperhsecrpt.JPG (107781 bytes)
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This restored Queen Anne style house was built in 1898 and is a private residence.


Photo: Bill Sullivan

Ballentine House

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The small two story section on High Street west of Main block built c1828. Three and half story section built c1840. Served the westward bound pioneers and Santa Fe traders as a hotel.

Boonville City Hall

cityhall2.JPG (15039 bytes)

Originally built as the U.S. Post Office in c 1915. Given to the City of Boonville by Kemper State Bank after post office was moved across the street.

Cole Fort and Second Battle of Boonville site

HannahColesite2.JPG (52427 bytes)                    HannahColesign.JPG (62652 bytes)

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Hannah Cole fort built in 1814. Second Battle of Boonville occurred on this site in Sept. 1861. First Missouri State Fair occurred on this site in 1853 and 1854.

Cooper County Court House

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Built in 1912, it is the third court house built on this site; the first being built in 1823.

First Battle of Boonville site

btlofbvl2.JPG (83526 bytes)

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Occurred on June 17, 1861, Union forces defeated the Confederate forces of Gov. Jackson in what was the first battle west of the Mississippi River and referred to as "the Boonville Races."

Kemper Military School

Kemper158bellrg.JPG (99856 bytes)
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158th Bell-Ringing Ceremony - September 6, 2001
Built in 1844 by F. T. Kemper. Until 2002 it was the oldest military school
west of the Mississippi River.

May 31, 2002 - Kemper Military School closed it doors and is no
longer accepting enrollment. 
April 4, 2003 - Kemper assets auctioned off.  City of Boonville bought the
entire campus, i.e. all the buildings and grounds.  Much of the memorabilia
was bought by Kemper alumni, but much was also bought by others.
For more information, contact City of Boonville at:


Old Trail Highway Bridge and Cobblestone Street

Bridge built in 1924 (has now been replaced by a more modern structure) for the Old Trails
National Highway (old Highway 40.) Cobblestone street, under the approach, was built
with stones from the St. Louis Wharf in c1830's. The oldest paved street west of St. Louis.

Sunset Hill Cemetery

SunsetHillCem.jpg (113706 bytes)
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First established burial ground in Boonville, 1835. Some of the community's early
pioneers buried at this site.  Also "Little Willie," child of pioneers who died while family
was going west. (West end of South Street)

Walnut Grove Cemetery

Walnutgrove100.JPG (111616 bytes)

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Founded 1852.  Known for its park like setting, imported cypress trees and
outstanding monumental architecture.

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