History of Boonville, Missouri & Historical Points of Interest

This beautiful mural can be viewed on the north end of Main Street in Boonville. It depicts the various stages of development in the Boonville area.

Mural artist: Peggy Guest of Rocheport, MO

Photo by: Wayne Lammers

Boonville is a community rich in history. After nearly 10,000 years of Native American occupation, settlement in the Boonville area began unusually early in Missouri. Around 1805 the sons of Daniel Boone (Nathan and Daniel Morgan) began to commercially operate a salt lick in what is now Howard County. Salt being an important pioneer commodity, the operation and its surrounding land attracted the numerous pioneers, including many slave-holding planters from Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia--hence, the "Boonslick" or "Boone's Lick" region consisting of several central Missouri counties. Tradition places Boonville's beginnings with Hannah Cole, a Kentucky widow with nine children, who homesteaded in the Boonville area in 1810. Formally platted in 1817, Boonville prospered during the late 1820's with the flooding out of the first boom town in the area, Franklin. Settlers from the South dominated the first several decades, with many German immigrants arriving beginning in the 1830's. River trade and Santa Fe Trail activity were the economic forces early on. The advent of railroads and the confusion resulting from the Civil War (several engagements were fought in and around Boonville) slowed the city's growth and relative economic strength. However, Boonville to this day remains an important local center for transportation, agri-business, retailing and tourism. Boonville's wealth of historic architecture is a testament to a unique and fascinating heritage.

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