The Hain House

The Hain House is a typical, 19th century single family dwelling, built and owned by an average Boonville family-this plus one other fact-that since its construction in c1836, it had been owned by one family, the Hains.

The history of the Hain House begins in 1836 when George Hain, a Swiss immigrant, arrived in America. The dream of the common man - a land where every person regardless of station in life, had the same opportunity brought Hain to Boonville.

A blacksmith and horticulturist by trade, he purchased the property at Fourth and Chestnut Streets in July 1836. He then constructed a two room house of horizontal hewn walnut logs with a vertical log, notched an pegged, joining the two sections together. The house also had a loft reached by climbing a boxed stair which divided the two lower rooms.

In 1843 Hain married Sophia Aull, herself a Swiss immigrant, and they started the family which would occupy the home for the next 140 years.

As the Hain Family grew, so did the residence. A summer kitchen was added c1838 and c1843-1846 rooms were added on the long ell until that summer kitchen rooms was incorporated into the house.By c1860 the entire house was constructed in the same form as today including the picket fence and the pecan tree.

George and Sophia had three sons and one daughter. He died in 1877, and left the property to Sophia providing she did not remarry. When she died in 1887, their son George John Hain, purchased the home for $1500.00.  George John married Mary Epstein of Boonville and they had five children, two boys (another George John Hain) and three girls.  The last daughter, Agnes Hain, sold the property to the Crosby Kemper Foundations of Kansas City, who gave it to the Friends of Historic Boonville.  In 1982, the yard was dedicated as the Hain House Memorial Gardens and is totally planted and maintained by volunteers.

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