The Boonville Bridge

Spanning the Missouri River

NOTE:  Everything on this page is now Past Tense - The old bridge is gone and a modern new bridge now spans the Missouri River at Boonville. 

Construction contracted for in February, 1922; first steel girder erected August 2, 1923; steel beams connecting Cooper and Howard counties placed February 12, 1924; structure dedicated July 4, 1924.

Total cost: $550,000. Old Trails Bridge Co., made up of enterprising local stockholders, contributed $80,000; Cooper County gave $125,000; Boonville Township furnished $45,000; Franklin Township contributed $25,000; and the federal government, via Missouri Highway commission, matched this $275,000 total.

The bridge is 2100 feet long, plus the Cooper county concrete approach of 584 feet and a 500-foot-long earth fill with macadam surface on Howard county end. Roadway is 19 feet wide and 73 feet above river's low water line. six steel spans, three of 420 feet and three of 280 feet, rest on seven concrete piers which extend to solid rock except one on Howard county side that beds on piling. Deepest pier extends 60 feet below water and 50 feet below gravel and sand to the rock bed.

Structure weighs 3,72,000 pounds and contains 83,000 rivets.

State Highways 2 (today is U.S. 40) and 5 were first routes to traverse span. The late Ben Fredmeyer was timekeeper and paymaster for bridge erection firm.

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